NRE Usage and Recipe

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What is this gadget?

A bag with two slots, one for HP recovery food and the other for Revival type food, accessible from hotbar.

Recipe / Diagram

You can craft this gadget from the Blacksmith at any town with the following materials:

20 Lizard Tails, 20 Chaos Circuit, 50 Electro Crystals, 50,000 Mora


After your character is dead, you only need to press “Z” to revive the party member. The revival window will not pop out if you use NRE.

If your revival dish is on cooldown, it will not show on the NRE slot. However, the revival dish will show up immediately after it’s off cooldown.

If you have 2 dead characters in your party, NRE will revive your characters based on their order in the party.

You can heal your party members with NRE even when they are not the current active member that is currently in battle.

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