TakaGG Minecraft SMP

Java 1.16.4
Server with online_mode=false

You can hop onto the server without purchasing official Minecraft. Just download any client such as T-Launcher to get started!

Character Progression
RPG-like experience

You can gain levels from mining, woodcutting, etc. After upgrading those skills to certain milestone, you will unlock special abilities.

Custom Enchantments
Epic new mechanics

70+ custom enchancements available which include target-tracing arrows, lumber axes, and much more.

Elite Mobs
Surprising Adventure

Enhanced world mechanics, random boss events, epic dungeons, lairs and cool rewards!

Death Chest
Keeping your stuff

Players now drops their items in a chest on death!

Enhanced Chat System
Packed with a lot of features

You can flex your gears in chat and mention anyone to make them notice you.

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