Geo Treasure Compass Usage and Recipe

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What is this gadget?

A compass that can be used in Liyue to search for nearby chest. If a chest is nearby, then it goes on cooldown for 30 seconds, otherwise, 5 seconds.

Recipe / Diagram

You can craft this gadget from the Blacksmith at any town with the following materials:

10 Golden Raven Insignia, 30 Cor Lapis and 50 Electro Crystals


You need Level 6 Liyue Reputation to unlock Geo Treasure Compass diagram (recipe). After obtaining the diagram (recipe), you can find it in the bag (in Precious Items category) and use it.

You can find your Geo Treasure Compass in your bag (Gadget tab).

You can’t use the treasure compass when you’re in combat (or red arrows appearing on your screen).

Chests that are detectable by treasure compass:

Bare chest, Geo chest, Vine chest, Cryo chest, Anemo chest

Chests that are NOT detectable by treasure compass:

Mobs elimination chest, Puzzle chest, Carrot chest, Balloon flower chest

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